Managing your investment property can be a headache: First there are the financial burdens that come from property taxes, mortgages, and insurance premiums, not to mention regular maintenance to maintain the value of the property. Second is finding a reliable tenant that can help alleviate this burden.

We, at Kenson Realty have the experience, judgment, and connections to solve these and any other problems owners may encounter, allowing you to maximize your returns without worry.

We have many clients who have been with us since we started in 2000. We are more than happy to provide you with their contact information so that you can decide if our services are right for you.

Below is an outline of our services and fees:

1.   LEASING (securing quality tenants)

  • Evaluation of the current market rental rate;
  • Advertising;
  • Screening of potential tenants before showing the property;
  • Taking detailed applications;
  • Checking ALL references (i.e. current landlord, credit, employment);
  • Preparing the lease;
  • Collecting a damage deposit;
  • Arranging for move-in time with building management (if applicable);
  • Conducting a move-in inspection with the tenants;
  • Providing the owner with copies of the application, credit report, lease and move-in report.

Our leasing fee is one-half of the first month rent (plus GST) plus advertising expenses (if applicable). This will be charged once a tenant has been found. We will sign the tenant to a one-year lease. The leasing fee will be pro-rated if the tenant breaks the one-year lease. For example, if the tenant moves out after six months, we will refund half of the leasing fee to the owner. If the tenant moves out after a year and you would like us to find a new tenant, the half-month leasing fee will apply again.

2.  MANAGEMENT (managing the property on your behalf)

  • Handling all tenants inquiries;
  • Collecting rent and depositing the same into a trust account;
  • Arranging for any repairs/maintenance;
  • Providing payment of any repairs authorized by the owner;
  • Preparing a monthly statement of receipts and disbursements;
  • Depositing the net rental proceeds to the bank account of your choice;
  • Providing 24 hour emergency line for tenants and owners;
  • Inspect the property regularly;
  • Conducting move-out inspections with the tenants.

Our management fee is 8% of the monthly rent (minimum $100, plus GST) and any disbursements made on the owner’s behalf.

Please click here to send us information about your investment property. Please feel free to also contact us if you are interested in owning an investment property in the Greater Vancouver area but are not sure what properties would make a good investment – we would be pleased to use our experience and familiarity with the market to help you in your search.

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