Our company is licensed, insured and bonded under the Real Estate Act of British Columbia.  We have specialized in managing rental properties in the Greater Vancouver area since 2000.  Our wholehearted commitment to excellence and our innovative approach have resulted in steady growth over the years – from our very first property in 2000 to over 400 today and 7 full-time staff to see the needs of our increasing list of owners and tenants.  Despite our growth, our mission remains consistent: maximize return for owners while providing high quality homes to tenants.

Maximizing Return for Landlords

It is our belief that personal referrals are the best way to grow our business.  For this simple reason, we always look after our clients’ interests first.  When our clients know that their properties are in good hands and are providing them with better than average income, they will be our best advertisements.  Consequently, the majority of our new clients come to us via word of mouth.

Many of our clients are overseas investors and many of them have been with us from the very beginning.  They have stuck with us because we provide worry-free service.  We have the experience and the expertise to cover every aspect of managing rental properties on your behalf.  Our goal is to deliver personalized, high quality service at a competitive price.  Please click here for more information.

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High Quality Homes for Tenants

Our business cannot be a success without great tenants and the only way to keep great tenants is to provide high quality homes.  Whether you are new in town or just looking for a change, we will help you find the home you are looking for.  We will be with you from the day you move-in and will continue to provide efficient and friendly service long afterwards.

Our tenant services are not only hassle free, but are also 100% free financially.  Please click here for information on our available properties.



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